Transcendental Art

My art is intended to contribute to the evolution of each soul to which it comes in contact. This is transcendental art.

Paintings begin with one stroke, leading organically to finished form. The process of painting is dynamic and trancelike—always done under the rhythmic influence of music. Completeness is realized when the painting captures an essence that could be lost with even one more stroke. When essence is lost the painting is not discarded but rather further worked until essence reemerges in new form. Each layer brings more life and texture, crescendoing into completeness.

Imbued in each painting is an energetic portal. Here I refer to energy in the esoteric sense; experienced as a spiritual force that lends itself to the metaphor of physical energy. Each abstract sigil is intended to move the viewers' being towards truth, wholeness, and harmony. Through these brushstrokes several spiritual lineages are channeled: Kundalini Tantra as taught by Yogi Bhajan and Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Usui Reiki, Kriya Yoga as taught by Yogananda, and Neotantra as taught by Osho. While these are benevolent forces, the participant must be warned that they are powerful spiritual technologies capable of radical transformation, often thru turbulent process. Know that the fruit is sweet but the serpent is cruel.

The philosophical basis of my work is influenced by writers such as Carl Jung, Rudolf Steiner, Wassily Kandinsky, Allester Crowley, William S. Burroughs, Robert Anton Wilson, and Peter Carroll. I am stylistically indebted to Gerhard Richter, Jackson Pollack, and Wassily Kandinsky, along with others who have spoken to me along the way. 

VISION (48” x 72”) is a meditation on the lateralized brain and body. It selectively stimulates the two hemispheres of the brain with the left panel activating the viewer's right cortex and the right panel activating the left cortex, before crossing over the corpus colossus. The surface of the retina responsible for the left field of vision in both eyes connects to nerves that meet at the optic chasm and continue to the right hemisphere of the brain. The same happens with information flowing from the right field of vision to the left hemisphere. The painting originally hung with the watery blue panel on the left, stimulating the calming parasympathetic function of the right hemisphere; and the fiery red panel on the right, stimulating the active sympathetic nervous system associated with the left hemisphere. The stimulation of both systems simultaneously—fight or flight and dreamy calm—is a heightened state sought by meditators, shamans, and ecstatics alike. The painting can also be flipped to hang with red on the left and blue on the right for times of reversal and upheaval.

BLUE DREAMS (24” x 30”) invites the viewer to tumble deep into a sinewy sea of color. Playfulness emerges from the rippled surface as turbulent tides echo across an arid landscape. Wind rips across pastel dunes scattering rays of sunshine through morning dewdrops. Stillness in one moment and swirling in the next. Texture bubbling through teardrops of time, collapsing to a molten core. Waiting and arriving all at once.



NEW FIRE (48” x 60”)